About me


I am a research scientist focused on image processing and machine learning.

I collaborated and contributed to PrintART, ADIAR and 3D shape reconstruction scientific projects.

✔ In PrintART, by collaboration of Instituto Superior Técnico and National Portuguese Tile Museum, I used computer vision techniques to assemble Portuguese tile panels from individual tiles.

✔ I applied image processing and machine learning algorithms on brain PET scans to develop automatic classification of patients in ADIAR Project, which was in collaboration with Private Hospitals of Molecular Medicine of Portugal.

✔ In “3D shape reconstruction of faces from a single image by using a reference model”​ Project I combined shape from shading information along with prior knowledge of reference model (I mean global similarity of faces) to recover a 3-D shape of a novel face.

I love to develop new ideas and algorithms to broad relevant problems. My supervisors and colleagues would describe me as a driven, resourceful individual who maintains a positive, proactive attitude when faced with adversity.

☎  I’m always interested in exploring new opportunities in my field, where I can contribute and make a big impact.

Specialties: Image processing, image segmentation, pattern recognition, machine learning, medical image processing (PET images), classification, eye gaze detection, computer vision, optimization, 3D shape reconstruction.